The Guardian Tee (Embroidered)


Welcome to the Foster Care movement, where everyday heroes join forces to help kids in need. Show your support with The Guardian Tee, a super stylish and comfy t-shirt crafted from high-quality cotton fabric. It’s casual yet modern -- perfect for any occasion! Plus, an unmistakable blue heart emblazoned boldly on the front showcases your commitment to creating meaningful change in the lives of children in foster care.

Whether you’re a foster parent, mentor, or advocate, it's time to jump into action and speak volumes about this vital cause! Each purchase of The Guardian Tee gives 100% of proceeds directly towards bringing dignity to children in foster care. This means saying no more black trash bags! Enough is enough -- let's make sure these kids get the special treatment they deserve.

Show your commitment, be proud of your contribution, and look stellar while making a difference -- order The Guardian Tee today and become part of something bigger than yourself!

When you shop in the Foster Love shop you are helping:

💙  Give hope to the most vulnerable groups

💙  Your donation provides general support to youth in foster care

💙  Advocate for the foster care community

💙  Raise awareness

💙  Reduce harm through preventative support

💙  Solve problems within the foster care system

💙  Remove trash bags from the foster system

💙  Provided essential resources

💙  Lift the voices of foster youth

💙  Support the largest scholarship for current and aged out foster youth

💙  Be part of the solution