Adoption, T-Shirt White


 Adoption, T-Shirt White

This shirt is special. Not just because it's soft and comfortable, but also because it supports a great cause. Donations from each shirt go towards providing blankets to keep children warm and cozy in their new foster care placement. 

Every day, more and more families choose adoption as a way to grow their family. Whether you're an adoptive family or someone who supports them, wear this shirt with pride! The message on the front - "Adoption. defined by love, not blood" - sends a powerful statement that we should all stand behind.

When you shop from the Foster Love shop you are helping:

💙  Give hope to the most vulnerable groups

💙  Your donation provides general support to youth in foster care

💙  Advocate for the foster care community

💙  Raise awareness

💙  Reduce harm through preventative support

💙  Solve problems within the foster care system

💙  Remove trash bags from the foster system

💙  Provided essential resources

💙  Lift the voices of foster youth

💙  Support the largest scholarship for current and aged-out foster youth

💙  Be part of the solution