No More Trash Bags - Tote Bag


No More Trash Bags - Tote Bag

Looking for a way to help those in foster care? Look no further than the No More Trash Bags - Fabric Tote Bag! This bag is perfect for packing your belongings, and it helps raise awareness for the children who need it most. With every purchase, you're helping to make a difference in a child's life. So why not pick up one of these bags today?

You can carry this tote bag around with pride knowing that every tote bag sold, gives Together We Rise the ability to replace those trash bags with a duffle or Sweet Case.Β 

Today 1,300 children will enter foster care and many will be given a black trash bag to put their personal belongings in. Thank you for helping remove trash bags from the foster care system.

When you shop in the Foster Love shop you are helping:

πŸ’™Β  Give hope to the most vulnerable groups

πŸ’™Β  Advocate for the foster care community

πŸ’™Β  Raise awareness

πŸ’™Β  Reduce harm through preventative support

πŸ’™Β  Solve problems within the foster care system

πŸ’™Β  Remove trash bags from the foster system

πŸ’™Β  Provided essential resources

πŸ’™Β  Lift the voices of foster youth

πŸ’™Β  Support the largest scholarship for current and aged out foster youth

πŸ’™Β  Be part of the solution