Socktober - Sponsorship


This October we are giving 45,000 pairs of socks to kids in foster care. Help us by sponsoring the shipping.

When children are removed from their homes the priority is their safety. This leaves the child with little time (if any) to gather personal belongings. These children are entering the system, oftentimes, with absolutely nothing but clothes on their backs. To help children in foster care we are on a SOCKtober mission.

Note: when sponsoring a sock bundle for Socktober, all items are donated on your behalf and sent directly to a foster care agency that needs it most. When sponsoring this item, you will not receive any of the items shown in the associated photos or description.

When you shop from the Foster Love shop you are helping:

💙  Give hope to the most vulnerable groups

💙  Your donation provides general support to youth in foster care

💙  Raise awareness

💙  Reduce harm through preventative support

💙  Solve problems within the foster care system

💙  Remove trash bags from the foster system

💙  Provided essential resources

💙  Lift the voices of foster youth

💙  Support the largest scholarship for current and aged out foster youth

💙  Be part of the solution