Sponsor a Birthday Box


Your donation provides general support to youth in foster care

Everyone deserves to celebrate their birthday, and you can help accomplish that. By providing children in foster care birthday boxes, you will help them feel special on their big day.

  • Each birthday box includes the following goodies:
  • Birthday Card
  • Birthday Banner
  • Candles (1 box, 24 ct)
  • Balloons (5 ct)
  • Confetti
  • Party Hat (5 ct)
  • Paper Stars (6 ct)
  • Streamers (6 ct)
  • Gift Card

Every Birthday Box comes with a birthday card to give a child a special message on their special day. Decorations are also an important part of the celebration so included in the box are a 6-count party streamers pack, 6-count assorted paper stars, 5-count paper hats, colorful confetti, 5-count assorted latex balloons, 1 box of 24 candles, a gift card, and a festive birthday banner.

ย Note:ย when sponsoring a birthday box, all items are assembled/donated on your behalf and sent directly to a foster care agency that needs it most. When sponsoring this item,ย you will not receive any of the items shownย in the associated photos or description.

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๐Ÿ’™ย ย  Your donation provides general support to youth in foster care

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