Sponsor A Sweet Case


When you sponsor a Sweet Case, our team will decorate, assemble and donate the duffel bag to a foster agency, on your behalf. From there, it will be given to a child in foster care, who needs it most!

Every donation towards our Sweet Case & Teen Duffle Bag programs ensures that children are not forced to carry their most prized possessions in a trash bag.

Each item listed below provides a sense of childhood stored in a safe, new duffel bag.

  • Custom Decorated Duffle Bag
  • Plush Teddy Bear
  • Warm Blanket
  • Hygiene Kit
  • A Fun Activity

The Sweet Case offers five different items for foster youth. The Plush Teddy Bear is a soft and cuddly gift for kids to have a companion wherever they go. It also includes a blue Together We Rise blanket made of plush fleece. A hygiene kit is provided to ensure that every child has access to a plastic toothbrush and sand timer. For a little entertainment, a 16 pack of assorted crayons is included with a fun activity book. Everything comes inside of a black and blue lightweight, but sturdy, duffel bag kids can reuse. 

Note: when sponsoring a sweet case, all items are assembled/donated on your behalf and sent directly to a foster care agency who needs it most. When sponsoring this item, you will not receive any of the items shown in the associated photos or description.

Today 1,300 children will enter foster care and many will be given a black trash bag to put their personal belongings in. Thank you for helping remove trash bags from the foster care system.

When you shop in the Foster Love shop you are helping:

💙  Give hope to the most vulnerable groups

💙  Your donation provides general support to youth in foster care

💙  Advocate for the foster care community

💙  Raise awareness

💙  Reduce harm through preventative support

💙  Solve problems within the foster care system

💙  Remove trash bags from the foster system

💙  Provided essential resources

💙  Lift the voices of foster youth
💙  Support the largest scholarship for current and aged out foster youth

💙  Be part of the solution